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  • Susan Froehlich

Acupuncture in Myanmar - Susan Froehlich, LAc volunteers abroad

Passport — check.

Visa —check.

Letter to accept donated supplies — check.

New, crisp $$ to exchange for local currency — check.

Herbs to stay healthy and to treat illnesses — check.

Plane tickets — check.

Relax. Enjoy the 33 hour travel to Mandalay, Myanmar. Remember to thank Charlie once again for taking good care of our patients. Reflect on my time as a solo traveler, and as a Chinese Medical Practitioner who will be treating people of Myanmar and mentoring young Traditional Myanmar Doctors.

Rest. Feel the excitement surge upon landing. Look for your three other teammates from the U.K. (Charlotte, Naomi and Keith), whom you’ve never met and will be working and living alongside for the next four weeks! Smile.

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