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Patient Testimonials



Post-op Hip Surgery Back Pain Testimonial:


I came to Charlie Cannon six weeks after having hip surgery. 5 weeks out from surgery while getting out of the pool at a PT session I had a disc go out in the L-3 - L-4 area of my back that eventually started sending shooting pains down both legs as well creating massive pain in my non surgical hip, as well as in my back. In two sessions with Charlie I was able to get back on my crutches and resume my physical therapy. Over the next 3 months going to Charlie 7 more times I can say without hesitation that his efforts were the key to my ability to continue recovering from my back problem as well the pain in both hips. His efforts made physical therapy possible and without him I would not be in the condition I am currently enjoying. The amount of pain relief I experienced from Charlie's work after every visit was often nothing short of amazing! Thank you Charlie and Columbia River Acupuncture for making such a huge difference in my recovery and my life. I will recommend you without hesitation. 


All the best, 

Colin R.,  Underwood, WA



Dental Anesthesia Testimonial:


Due to a life threatening allergy to local anesthetics (Novocain and all others like it for numbing dental work) I needed to find another options when I had an abscessed tooth with a broken root. It needed to be pulled and an implant put in. I had been seeing Susan for some time for other treatments and we decided to use acupuncture along with hypnosis. I saw Dr. Linda Nishi-Strattner in Tigard for learning the hypnosis. On the day of the procedure Susan was with me and I used a mp3 for the hypnosis. The whole procedure was quite manageable. Twice when they knocked the needles out I could tell, which just reinforced that the acupuncture was working. While I did feel a bit of the pulling of the tooth it was over in just seconds and was not a problem. 

Moving forward I need some dental skin graphing in three different areas. Again, we repeated the acupuncture and hypnosis. The first one was very easy, the second two were done together and were much more extensive and were somewhat painful, but again manageable. Without the acupuncture/hypnosis I would not have been able to have the needed work done (the skin grafts had been suggested almost 10 years earlier, but no one could figure out how to do them without numbing). 


Linda H., The Dalles, OR



General Testimonial:


The healing starts when Susan enters the room. She is totally focused on you, carefully listens to your history and your current life situation, and is fully engaged in your healing. She poses thoughtful questions to clarify all areas of your problem. Susan truly understands and has amazing passion for acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Susan has been a blessing to me and helped me regain a fully active lifestyle. 


Jennifer J., Hood River, OR.



Fertility Testimonial:


My husband and I started trying to have a baby in June. A friend of mine recommended Columbia River Acupuncture specifically for fertility.  I was optimistic since I didn't know to much about acupuncture especially with the help of fertility.  But i wanted to give it a shot.  And it was the best decision.  I saw Charlie and I cant say enough nice things about him.  He was wonderful.  Charlie was very knowledgeable in treatments and supplements and explained everything in great detail.  Charlie also took the time to really get to know me. I started to see Charlie in November. Two months of multiple treatments certainly helped me, both mind and body, and I am now 20 weeks pregnant. I highly recommend Columbia River Acupuncture, especially Charlie!

Thank you again, Charlie, you were great.


Robyn, Hood River, OR.



Arthritis Knee Pain Testimonial:


Acupuncture has controlled my arthritis pain. Weekly sessions with Susan and/or Charlie helped to rid my body of the arthritis pain. Now I have acupuncture appointments once a month for pain management.
Acupuncture has helped to relieve stress from my job, too!


Patty G., Hood River, OR.



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