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Fascia Findings: Acupuncturist Susan Froehlich attends international congress

Its impact on physical movement, rehabilitation, imaging studies and overall health is just becoming more evident. Fascia, a delicate web of collagen fibers that surround and intertwine every muscle, organ and structure, forms a network throughout the human body. In the past, anatomists discarded this “fat“ layer as insignificant and concentrated on dissection of muscles, tendons, nerves, bones and organs.

Now, New Anatomists have painstakingly dissected fascial layers and have discovered an intricate web around and throughout the body that holds and communicates with all organs/muscles/bones/tendons. They have also discovered 12 major fascial lines that are similar to the major 12 meridians within Chinese Medicine.

Fascia and the extracellular matrix allows communication throughout the body, sending signals at the speed of light (faster than our nervous system), to other parts of the body, to heal, respond, emote, and coordinate.

The Congress of Fascia Research and Development hosted over 1,000 participants from every corner of the world to present findings, share clinical experiences, and educate all aspects of the medical profession on the new anatomy that impacts us. Imaging studies that capture this fine, delicate web, are being researched and created, so that treatment impacts can be evaluated and refined.

As this medical information is new, it is not well represented in anatomy books. The International Federation of Associations of Anatomists is just beginning the process of nomenclature for Fascia and asked this Congress to assist in their process. Froehlich brings back this wealth of new information to Hood River for colleagues and patients.

Link to the article in the Hood River News – Fascia Findings: Acupuncturist Susan Froehlich attends international congress

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