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Society for Integrative Oncology

Susan Froehlich, LAc, is presently in Miami, FL at the 13th International Conference of the Society of Integrative Oncology. This conference brings together people from all over the world to share research findings, share successful clinical practice information and to promote the integrated fields of cancer therapies. This conference has representation from 32 countries with over 410 participants, with major leading institutions such as SLoan Kettering, Dana Farber, Cancer Centers of America, Md Anderson. . . SIO is an incredible platform to highlight integrative ontological research by leading professionals in this emerging field, as evidenced by PHY906 - a formula created in China - 1,800 years ago! - now in Phase II trials, that was originally used to treat the side effects of chemo and radiation for patients with colon cancer . . but then found to have protective and regenerative effects, with no effects on the efficacy of the chemotherapy. It is also being investigated for use with other chemo drugs/cancers.

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