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COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients, Family and Friends, April 1, 2020

We hope that this letter finds you well, staying healthy and involved, and finding ways to help yourself and each other in a safe manner. It is difficult to stay in place, when we are so accustomed to going out and about. And yet, social distancing along with hand washing/sanitizing and not touching your face, are the best ways to slow the spread of COVID19.

As many of you are aware, Columbia River Acupuncture has sadly closed their physical offices until April 30th, but we are here to help you, if you would like to stay healthy, are ill or injured. We are now offering telemedicine through phone calls or video conferencing by appointment. From these visits, we will be able to provide exercise recommendations, nutritional advice, acupressure protocols and of course, herbal and nutritional prescriptions. We can mail herbs/supplements to you or you can pick them up at our Mosier office.

Please call us at 541-386-8767 to make your first telemedicine appointment!

As we are also social/emotional and spiritual beings, we would like to suggest the following links for your overall health - physical-emotional-spiritual!

  1. QiGong exercise to boost immunity:

  1. Columbia Center for the Arts’ staff have been working hard to create a hub of arts experiences online to keep us uplifted and as a reminder that humans are capable of great beauty, particularly in hard times.

  1. Exercise within the comfort of your own home! Our local Pilates’ instructor, Virginia Thomas of PILATES STUDIO OF HOOD RIVER, is offering online Pilates group mat and private instruction. It is fun and easy to join at Class schedule: Tues 8AM, Wed 12 PM, Thurs 9AM. Feel free to call Virginia at 541-490-0660 for more information.

Check out one of her free videos here.

  1. Eating healthy during this time to reduce inflammation and keep our immune systems resilient! Here is a great youtube for Healthy Chinese Chicken soup

- you can also use cashew to thicken soup in place of cornstarch and can add more

garlic to taste

- if you have astragulus/huang qi, you can add a few pieces to soup while it is

cooking, to boost Qi/ immunity

  1. During times of stress, it can be really good self care to seek counsel & support. Adrienne Lee offers virtual guidance sessions using Tarot as well as long distance Reiki (and is offering her services on a sliding scale!) Contact her through her website at or (503) 873-0494. She is also offering free social support services through the app Marco Polo. Details can be found on her social media accounts (FB & Instagram) @adrienneleejoywork

Clearly, this is a continually evolving situation and we appreciate your thoughtful collaboration to ensure the best outcome through these challenging times. Please keep your spirits uplifted, your health strong and your optimism bright!

In health,

Charlie and Susan

Columbia River Acupuncture


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